4 Inventory Management Tools for Your Online Business

Are you having a crisis in your inventory management? When it comes to managing your virtual business, inventory is a critical element. It is the magnetic force that pulls customers to your store. What you sell is the power that makes customers and prospects to use their time on your store. If you are offering nothing, you cannot expect any visits. Tracking your inventories eliminates possibilities of guesswork. You know the number of items sold and those available. Hence, you can plan your reordering time without causing any inconveniences.

However, carrying out manual work in the digital world is tiresome. It is hard to count items in your warehouse and update each selling channel information. Also, it is a challenge to ensure that all the channels are reflecting similar information. With the recognition that inventory is crucial to your online business, getting tools to enhance this task is recommendable. Here are some of the best inventory management tools for your business.


Having an opportunity to manage your inventories from anywhere is the dream of every entrepreneur. If you’re searching for a way to harness your cloud inventory management, Unleashed is a good idea. This tool comes with a cloud dashboard with revenue, stock, and profit account. This way, you have an opportunity to access real-time and instant information about your business. With it, you always have the right information for decision making. Also, you have full control of your business. However, to use this tool, you need to fetch deep on your pocket. The platform has several plans starting from $60 per month. Nevertheless, it is an excellent option for enhancing your inventory management.


Are you new to the e-commerce world? If so, you can affirm that financial constraints are a major issue. Due to this, you may not afford paid inventory management tool. Nevertheless, you cannot abandon the role of managing your inventories if you want to succeed. Inflow is your better option when string budget is a challenge. This tool provides you with a comprehensive online inventory management system.

As a webpreneur, you have an opportunity to receive orders from your customers. Also, you can use it to reorder your store stock and manage products on your store. It is easy to use meaning you do not need to invest time in training. The best thing is that the tool is free. You enjoy managing inventories without investing any coins on it. Hence you must maximize your returns which harnesses your online business management.

Clients say

Zoho Inventory

Is multichannel selling one of your business strategies? If this is the case, having a way to harness the management of your inventories across all your selling channels is essential. Zoho Inventory is the best tool for enhancing your multichannel stock management. If you have two users on your business, you can go for the free edition. The tool enables you to enhance your inventory and order management. You can accept and fulfill your customer orders without any challenge. Also, for business with more than two users, you have an opportunity to choose from several plans starting from the basic plan going for $29 per month.

Shopify POS

If you are running a Shopify store, you do not need to worry about inventory management. Shopify comes with a POS system that includes a stock management feature. With it, you can receive orders, fulfill, and monitor them during deliveries. Also, you do not need to pay extra costs upon paying the normal monthly fees. Hence, it is a good idea.

In a word, having the right inventory management tools is the first step to achieving your online business goals. Hence, you should pay attention to it.