Omni-Channel Solution

Omni-Channel Solution: A Secret to Your Future Growth

Single channel marketing is obsolete now. Omni-channel is a new buzzword. It emerged because of buyer’s evolving purchasing journey, presence of screens everywhere, and popularity of internet. So, what is Omni-channel solution? It is a business model where all marketing and sales channels become integrated to provide buyers a non-stop seamless purchasing experience, which can be powered by a complete ecommerce system. 

Omni-channel solution aims to increase sales, revenue and brand awareness of your business. As a business, when you create an Omni-channel experience, you allow your products to be in the eyes of millions of buyers. At the same time, it gives buyers an accessibility to purchase and return across different channels. Magento and Shopify are major e-commerce platforms that provide Omni-channel solution to enterprises. While, Magento is well-known for its massive community, and connection with several channels, however, a Shopify merchant can sell online, offline and literally anywhere in between.

Proven Tips to Follow For Omni-Channel Success

  • Evaluate your niche and figure out where your target market is.
  • Be accessible. Establish an actual presence rather than a perceived presence.
  • Make sure you know the significant difference between multi-channel and Omni-channel solution. Look for unified experience that can be accessed through variety of channels and devices.
  • Going Omni-channel also means you observe an increased amount of data. Make sure you choose a complete ecommerce solution that compiles it and use it to improve your customer experience.
  • Make sure your brand tone is same on all channels. However, you should also acknowledge context of any channel or device being used by customer. For instance, your tone on Twitter should differ from that on a corporate website.
  • A seamless integration also leverage the ability to recognize customers across channels.
  • A complete Ecommerce platform should also offer geofencing technology because it will notify the buyers regarding any discounts whenever they walk past your retail store.

Why choose Magento?

Magento is among the most popular ecommerce platforms having a market share of 30%. It is robust, flexible, and delivers the best Omni-channel solution for your business. Magento’s social media extensions and mobile extensions help your brand to stay connected across multiple devices. Magento has ability to offer much more than online and offline selling. It rather gives insight about inventory across all channels. The platform also influences your store’s conversion rates with their Omni-channel strategy.


Omni-channel solution – it might sound a little scary to you but in a nutshell, it’s simply being everywhere. Be there where your customers are available. Selling without Omni-channel solution is not an option. So, expand your reach and don’t miss anymore purchases.